Oct 30


tac the cat

The Precious Tac

So apparently Tac’s been mad at me since April and I just didn’t notice.  Since I rehomed Max he has been more lovey and is now sleeping with me all night again.  It’s good to have him back.

Ok, so now on why Max is getting a new home.  Max came to live with us in April after we saw him on a Craig’s List ad.  He’s a white Maltese and was living with 5 young kids.  He arrived terrified, nippy, beggy, and generally a grump with a good heart.

We rehabed Max to the extent that we could.  We ungrumped him.  Taught him that begging did not get him food.  Played with him in a way so that he knew he was not going to be hurt.  He turned into what appeared to be a happy dog.  He played each morning with Emerson, then each afternoon with Rusty.  He left Tac alone from the get go, then worked his way into a few moments of play during the day.  He became lovey and a bright, and noisy part of our day.

After about 6 months, he decided that it would be a cool thing to poop upstairs outside the shared bath.  Then it was ok, to pee in front of the front door while looking out the screen.  Then it was ok to poop on the rug leading to the doggie door.  Now I know it’s getting a bit cooler, but come on, it’s not snowing, there’s no ice, and he had reinforcements with Emerson & Rusty leading the way.

emerson, rusty, max

Max upon his arrival to our house.

I called the Humane Society and arranged for one of their foster families to work with him on his issues and to find him a home where he could be the center of the universe. After his departure, the energy of the house has dropped back down to it’s normal level of calm.

I’m grateful that Max came into our lives.  He reinvigorated both Emerson & Rusty and they now play with each other again.  I’m also glad that he is going to a home that will love him and care for him.

So, back to Tac.  He doesn’t have to share the pillow, between the pillows or between the backs any longer.  He is content to sleep all night on the bed, he is less vocal and grumpy.  You can touch him now and he’s purry, not meowing and he is actually joining us again on the couch.

I think that some times, we are meant to have pets that come into our homes for a specific purpose and then when that time is up, it’s time to release them to bigger & better things.  Such is the way of Max.

So I titled this Tac and spent most of the time talking about Max.  How odd you think, not at all I say.  Without Max coming I can appreciate that I really love Tac and that I think he’s one of the coolest cats I’ve ever had.

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