Jul 12


Gratitude is not about shallowly telling yourself that you have everything you could ever want or need. Gratitude is about acknowledging what enough looks like for you.

Oct 17

Tired of Entitlements

This whole fiasco of the Government shutdown, borrowing $4.00 of every $5.00 the Government spends is just so ridiculous.   I remember having a talk with my Dad when I was in my early 20’s about welfare.  I was out of work, had a child, needed to get away from my husband and was considering applying for welfare to help me.

My Dad, whom I respected so much talked to me about getting something for nothing.  His words are still so clear today and I see them manifested in how our citizens are acting.

He quoted me “Give a man a fish, feed for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed for a lifetime.” and then began to give me his philosophy of this.

He believed that we as a nation should take care of each other, but not by providing handouts.  He believed that handouts were just giving people a fish, chaining him to a system of handouts, thus taking away all his freedoms. He believed that we should provide a way for those in hardship to pull themselves up and to have some pride and dignity that they could support themselves and their families.

He believed that we should provide work to people, any kind of work.  He did not believe that anyone was totally unable to work unless they were seriously injured or sick.  Work could be anything from reading a book to kids, the ill.  It could be taking care of someone’s loved one or children while they worked, but he believed that each and every person had something they could do.

That belief spawned an interesting concept when it came to handing out the welfare benefits. This is not the typical workfare program, but a well monitored and administered program that would work in any city, regardless of size. It works like this.

Anyone can get benefits.  All they need to do is apply.  Here is how they earn their benefits.  Each morning Monday – Friday, they must check into the benefits office.  The benefits office is just a plain office, no TV, only a water fountain, with a restroom and chairs, ok, you can add a clock on the wall.  Each person entering must punch in by 8am and they cannot leave before 5pm.  They can take a 15 min break in the morning, have an hour to eat lunch and another 15 minute break in the afternoon.  There is no talking, no fighting, no falling asleep, no kids, no eating, no reading.  This is the “job” they must do to earn their benefits.

If someone wants to work, they have the opportunity to work in the child care facility that is on-site, or they can go clean streets, wash windows, rehab old houses, etc.  There is plenty of community projects that can be done.  People can read to older adults in the hospital, put food baskets together, etc., the amount of jobs is just endless that someone could do.  And even if someone was disabled, they would still have to show up and if they wanted they could work.

If someone does not choose to work or show up at the benefits office, they do not qualify for benefits and will not be paid.  If they miss a day, they don’t get paid.  Just like anyone else who works.

If the US instituted something like this, I guarantee that there would not be such a big push for benefits.  It’s not that we should not help people, but it’s all about HOW we help them.

Does it benefit anyone that someone sits on their couch watching TV, doing nothing while others work away to pay for that.  There is no self-respect for the person receiving benefits and the people that are working to pay those to sit at home find resentment building.

This is exactly what is happening here in the US.  Needless to say, after talking with my Dad, I didn’t go on welfare, I sucked it up, and found a way to make things better for me & my son.  Yes, it took me a few years to get out of a bad marriage, but I never once lost my self-respect and I was and still am a productive member of society.

Nov 26

I’ve got to teach my dog to do this.

Wonder how long it would take to teach my old dogs to learn a new trick?

But I guess the real question would be..  How long it would take Tac to allow the dogs to do this.

Oct 30


tac the cat

The Precious Tac

So apparently Tac’s been mad at me since April and I just didn’t notice.  Since I rehomed Max he has been more lovey and is now sleeping with me all night again.  It’s good to have him back.

Ok, so now on why Max is getting a new home.  Max came to live with us in April after we saw him on a Craig’s List ad.  He’s a white Maltese and was living with 5 young kids.  He arrived terrified, nippy, beggy, and generally a grump with a good heart.

We rehabed Max to the extent that we could.  We ungrumped him.  Taught him that begging did not get him food.  Played with him in a way so that he knew he was not going to be hurt.  He turned into what appeared to be a happy dog.  He played each morning with Emerson, then each afternoon with Rusty.  He left Tac alone from the get go, then worked his way into a few moments of play during the day.  He became lovey and a bright, and noisy part of our day.

After about 6 months, he decided that it would be a cool thing to poop upstairs outside the shared bath.  Then it was ok, to pee in front of the front door while looking out the screen.  Then it was ok to poop on the rug leading to the doggie door.  Now I know it’s getting a bit cooler, but come on, it’s not snowing, there’s no ice, and he had reinforcements with Emerson & Rusty leading the way.

emerson, rusty, max

Max upon his arrival to our house.

I called the Humane Society and arranged for one of their foster families to work with him on his issues and to find him a home where he could be the center of the universe. After his departure, the energy of the house has dropped back down to it’s normal level of calm.

I’m grateful that Max came into our lives.  He reinvigorated both Emerson & Rusty and they now play with each other again.  I’m also glad that he is going to a home that will love him and care for him.

So, back to Tac.  He doesn’t have to share the pillow, between the pillows or between the backs any longer.  He is content to sleep all night on the bed, he is less vocal and grumpy.  You can touch him now and he’s purry, not meowing and he is actually joining us again on the couch.

I think that some times, we are meant to have pets that come into our homes for a specific purpose and then when that time is up, it’s time to release them to bigger & better things.  Such is the way of Max.

So I titled this Tac and spent most of the time talking about Max.  How odd you think, not at all I say.  Without Max coming I can appreciate that I really love Tac and that I think he’s one of the coolest cats I’ve ever had.

Oct 22

Cord Wraps

Untangle Your iPhone CordSo Zeke sent me a link today from this cool site:  Cool Site

Now I want an iPhone just so I could use one of these cool cord wraps.

I hate giving up my droid though,  so I’m now tron between the two.

Hmmm…. off to scour the internet for some cool cord wraps for my droid.



Oct 18


So a few days ago, my Son, posts this on this Facebook.  I’m not a dog person per se, I prefer cats, but I do have three dogs that live in the house.  Only one cat… hmm….  Anyway, our last little dog has claimed me and when I saw this I couldn’t help but laugh at how true it is.  Already this little guy has invaded my heart and taken up residence there.


my dog the paradox

from: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/dog_paradox




Oct 15

Coming Out of a Fog

Coming out of a fogI’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.  You know how it goes.  You live your life and get stuck in a rut, then one day you wake up and realize that you don’t really want to be where you’re at.  It’s like you were living in a fog.

Well I guess I’ve been living in that fog and now I’m just tired of being here, being scared, being wound up tighter than a drum and dancing to someone else s rhythm & steps.

It’s time to take back control and do the things that I know are good for me and to take that chance that I may end up succeeding instead of on my face.

Not sure when I gave in to this, but it feels like it’s been an awful long time.  I can’t do everything that I want right now, but there are some things that are entirely under my control that I need to begin doing on a daily basis.

I have made a decision that I will no longer accept the status quo.  I will make a difference, I will give as my heart has been telling me to, I will not give in to the notion that in order to make a difference, everything has to be perfect.  Life is not perfect and if I wait until everything is perfect, I’m wasting my god-given talents.

I’m sick & tired of always waiting for something… I’m going to act and if I fall, I’ll get back up, I’ll brush myself off and I’ll keep trying.  I’m not a quitter.  I can do whatever I set my mind and heart on doing.


Jul 12

Fortuna Mill, St Thomas USVI

This is the house that Greg & I are going to purchase when we move back to St Thomas.

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Nov 16

-{longmontfreecycle}- Wanted: Coats for Elementary Aged Kids

This broke my heart.  In the cold of Colorado, no child should be coatless.  If you are in the Longmont area, I've arranged with Melissa to consolidate coats for pick up from my house.  Any winter items are gratefully accepted, coats, hats, gloves, scarves. 

I'll be at Buzz Coffee this evening, 1139 Francis St, Longmont CO 80501.  Drop your items to me from 6pm to 7pm and I'll make sure they get to Melissa.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Melissa
Date: Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 11:02 AM
Subject: -{longmontfreecycle}- Wanted: Coats for Elementary Aged Kids
To: longmontfreecycle@yahoogroups.com

A boy in my son's kindergarten class had no winter coat this a.m. when it was 17 degrees out. I heard him telling his mom he was cold. He only had a sweater on. I know there are some other older kids in school showing up with no winter coats, either. This elementary school has 30% free lunch students, these families may not have any money for coats so if you have any sizes of kids coats, size 5 on up, I will pick up and donate to my elementary school asap! Thanks so much!

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Nov 16

Emerson Burying the bone Part 1

Ok, I had to upload this one to YouTube but this is the first part.

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